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Netherfriends (Shawn Rosenblatt) is a musician living in and touring the US. He makes music in various genres but mostly focuses on rap/hip-hop centric beats. I got asked by Shawn to create an illustration promoting Netherfrends which could be used for merchandising his one-man band.


It all started from one song 

It all started from one song 

So how did a Polish girl living in Denmark got to make an illustration for an American musician? 

Music always gives me the kicks when I'm in a creative mode. It was no different with one of Netherfriend's song "Don't Tweak" which I used to listen to on repeat for a while.

Feeling inspired I spontaneously made a lettering of the song's title and posted it on my Instagram profile, tagging the artist. To my surprise, my work got spotted by Netherfriends and he reached out to me with the illustration project request. Pretty tight!


From sketch to final version

Shawn already had a rough idea for the graphic in his mind (which I found pretty hilarious), and my task was to translate it into an illustration.

Starting with the sketches, we went trough a few feedback sessions and made some adjustments. Once the final sketch got vectorised, it helped me to consider other features of the graphic, such as colors, strokes and legibility of the lettering piece.

At the end of the day, Netherfriends was happy with the outcome and this random project turned out to be one of my best ones. I guess sharing my personal work on Instagram paid off!


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